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Dallas Morning News 7/14/19 - Reported on the Dallas protest against religious violence in India

DMN July 2019 coverage of protest against religious violence in India

From the article:

"Members of the North Texas Indian Muslim community protested Sunday against recent attacks against Muslims and other religious minorities in India.

The gathering of about 200 people at Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas chanted, 'We are Tabrez! Justice for Tabrez!' in reaction to the June 17 fatal beating of Tabrez Ansari, which was captured on a video that has been widely circulated."

The report included a comment from our new Executive Director, Hadi Jawad:

"'This is the foundation of our democracy,' said Hadi Jawad, the executive president of the Dallas Peace and Justice Center. 'You call, and you say to the member of Congress, to the senator, that you want India to be in the spotlight ... that you demand Indian leaders are held accountable.'"

You can read the entire story here:



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