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DPJC Position Statement

Bombing & Abuse of Yemeni Civilians by Gov. of Saudi Arabia

The Middle East Peace Committee of Dallas Peace & Justice Center calls upon the Obama Administration to use all moral influence with Saudi Arabia government to stop the bombings and other uses of force in Yemen, especially against civilians.

According to the UN Information Center: Sana the conflict "has already killed thousands of people, displaced 2.5 million and imperiled the food security of 7.6 million," overwhelming affecting Yemeni civilians. Though the UN has identified the situation in Yemen as one of the worst humanitarian crisis, aid to the region has been slow due to blockades put up by the Saudi led coalition. There is overwhelming evidence coming out of the region to support the claims that Saudi Arabia airstrikes have overwhelming targeted civilians. Media reports in The New York Times on December 2015 point to the Anti- Houthi rebels which are led by Saudi military coalitions as "responsible for the majority of deaths of civilians in the war." Over 70 health facilities have been attacked, including some supported by Doctor without Borders, sending the already fragile healthcare system into crisis. Doctors without Borders accuse the Saudi-led coalition of deliberately attacking a hospital in Taiz. Furthermore, Amnesty International calls for independent investigations of the Saudi-led coalitions for deliberately targeting schools in this war. The attacks of both hospitals and schools are both war crimes as they violate the international law.

The committee appreciates the recent efforts of the Obama Administration efforts within the last month to reach out to the Saudi government to ensure that International humanitarian laws are not crossed . However, it is not enough. The US is still committed to a $1.29 billion weapons deal with the Saudi government. US must be aware that these weapons will only assist the Saudi's in this war with Yemen. The US also continues to offer unwavering support to the Saudi government in this war. By not condemning the atrocities of war committed by the Saudi government against the Yemeni citizens, the US is complicit in the crimes. We urge the Obama Administration to continue to work with Saudi government and urge them to consider a ceasefire in Yemen immediately.


Yemeni peace talk ends with no end to conflict-New York Times

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Bombing of Schools by Saudi led coalition- Amnesty International

John Kerry Stands by Saudi Arabia while it commits War Crimes in Yemen- Alternet

Yemen ban urges all sides to commit to ceasefire and resume un brokered talks to end fighting- UN Information Center: Sanaa




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